Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review of Make up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer in #1 green

It's raining...grosssss

Here's my review of my most recent purchase at sephora. Make up Forever's Face primer #1 in green.
Price: $32
Size: 1.01 oz
options: 7 colors to target skin issues such as redness, sulleness, yellowness etc.
Purchase in store @ sephora.com or MUFE boutique
MUFE boasts a pretty powerful product here. I purchased the green for redness which is a common problem for me. The bottle is pretty large, so there's lots of product. The water based, oil free primer is very creamy and pigmented, but it is absorbed thoroughly through your skin. The outcome as far as color is good, however, it doesn't soften your skin like other products do ( Clarins instant smooth perfecting touch or Smashbox Photo finish ). After it dried I applied Laura Mercier Tinted moisturize, which went on very smoothly. After some concealer, I applied MUFE HD microfinish powder. The outcome was great- my makeup lasted all day, and I usually have to spray my face with hair spray to make it stay- because I often perspire while working in the cafe.
ratings 1-5:
Quality: 5
Packing: 5
Overall product 1-5: 5
would I buy again? absolutely
Hope all of you are having a good day :-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

lots of things to say- plus a mini sephora haul

Hi Everyone!

Laurie checking in for the first time...awesome.

So, about me, well I'm a freelance makeup artist just starting out. My little business is called Beautiful You. My mission? To have people all ages, races, and shapes look in the mirror and see the person they find is deep inside. I enchance, not cover up and I believe that the basis for a good makeup artist is beautiful skin. Oh, and I"m also a Lead Cafe Server at a B&N cafe...you'll be hearing a lot about my friends there as well.

Now let's get down to business- MINI SEPHORA HAUL....oh, the sweet life.

What I purchased:

Benefits Erase Paste #1 fair

Benefits Boi-ing industrial strenght concealer #2

Makeup Forever( aka MUFE) HD high definition primer in green for redness

MUFE HD high definition macrofinish powder

I'll post reviews for each new items i purchase and some of my old favorites.

Some things I may post here:

Reviews of products/tools/etc

video tutorials

pics of looks I've completed

my basic b.s. for the day

and more...

Well, it's time for bed for me- have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for latte's at 9am.

Stay beautiful, you <3