Monday, March 8, 2010

Night and day, you are the one.

Did you get to see the Oscar's last night??? Man, I'm glad ABC decided to do the right thing and air the award show, they would have had noooo viewers! I love the Academy Awards, because they embody glamour and sophistication. Everyone looks impeccable,and I love that classic clean glamour. Kate Winslet has all that, I always love the way she's pulled together for an award show. I thought Sandra Bullock looked so classy, it was a great night for makeup!

Having trouble taking your day look and making it more sultry for night? It's really easy. Some tips: for shadow, add a some layers of a earthy browns and blacks to the outer "v" or "c" of your eye. Layering is extremely important to add depth and dimension to your look. Never just use one or two shadows! Add another coat or two of mascara and some liner will make your eyes stand out. Polish it off with some nude or clear gloss with a nude lip liner to help that gloss to stay put.

Want a more retro look? Red lips will always be in style. Of course keep the eyes simple with some winged eyeliner, or just some mascara.

Day look:

Night Look:

Monday, March 1, 2010

do you wear glasses???

Hey! So I'm near-sided, you too? wow. how about far-sided? are some helpful tips on how to accentuate those peepers no matter your eyewear situation....

For everyone that is far-sided....think simplicity...your eyes will appear bigger with your lenses, so just one coat of mascara should be great for you. If you wear liner, line your top lash line from inside corner to outside. This will give the illusion of a more almond shape eye.

If you're near sided, like'll want to go a little heavier on the liner and mascara. Your eyes tend to appear smaller with your glasses on. Apply liner on the top lid from the center of the lash line, just above your pupil to the outside corner. This will definately open up those eyes and don't forget to curl those lashes!