Monday, August 31, 2009

Lookie Lookieeee


So this weekend was fantastic. Got to visit my brother up in Buffalo, NY. He's a tattoo artist there! I went with my mama, and my two step sisters.

The whole weekend we ate....greek food, italian, all kinds of goodies. Nevertheless, I'll be hittin' the gym tomorrow morning.

Here is a look I did for dinner on Saturday night...



When I do looks like these, I usually use my Manly cosmetics 120 palette...or my CS 88 shimmer palette- both are great and well worth the monayyyy.

Alittle tip for all you blue-eyed gals...Brown eyeliner is your best friend!

No matter the look I'm doing- I always use brown liner on my waterline, its hardly noticeable, but it just gives my baby blues the perfect pop of color. Girlie's with brown eyes can get a way with tons of black liner, and if you are lucky enough to have gorgeous hazel eyes, plummy purple liners work great to enhance your eyecolor.

My younger step sister has blue eyes and I'm having the hardest time convincing her to stop using all her black eyeliner! I even do looks on her with the brown and she admits it looks great, but still doesn't do it herself. So frustrating! Que Sera...she'll do what she wants I guess...

Well it's time for bed...yawwwnnnn...

Sleep tight beautiesss..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It was a photoshoot kind of day

hey guys!

So last sunday it was super hot- phew. I had a photoshoot to do for some girls that wanted some portraits taken, it was a great portfolio updating opportunity!
Here are some shots taken from the day- including some before and after...









I had tons of fun and it was a great experience- Can't wait to do another shoot! Hope you guys like it
<3 Laurie

Friday, August 14, 2009

everybody's talkin' about winged eyeliner...take 2


enjoy, comment and subscribe to my channel!
<3 Laurie

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, so THIS STINKS...

I uploaded my first and awesome video for doing winged eyeliner and it doesn't work. Can anyone give me some tips on how to do this properly? Bah I need help!

Everybody's talkin' bout that winged eyeliner...

hello all!
Hope everyone's having a great week so far! If not, it's almost over baby!

So, I've now delved into the world of web tutorials- I'm seriously nervous about this. I've never done it before! But the topic is winged eyeliner! I've heard so many people saying their lookin' for the perfect way to achieve this sexy look, and hopefully I can help. I got the idea from Enkoremakeup on youtube. He's fantastic.

Enjoy the video- leave me some feedback! I'd love to hear from you.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Just so you guys know, the pictures in the last post were reversed. GO MEEEE!

the first look should be the pink and gold, the second is the blue look.

I....AM.....SO.....TIRED. lol

More of my favorite looks :-)

So, not many of you may know this, but I am absolutely obsessed with The Golden Girls. Yes, that's right. Four menapausal or above woman living together. Television gold right there. I try to watch it everday...I am officially a loser.

Well, I'm here for a reason, yes besides rambling about my favorite 80's tv shows. Here are some more looks for you guys to take a gander at with the products used posted! YAyyyyyyy

MakeupGeek weekly challenge
Face: (flawless face look)
Jemma Kidd Primer
Erase Paste
Boi-ing Concealer
ELF mineral foundation in Light
Almay smart shade blush in natural
Flirt blush in foxy bronze
MUFE HD microfinish powder

CS shimmer palette, pinks and golds
SK cream liner in Truffle(brown)
CG eyelight mascara for blue eyes


My own creation
Flawless face look

120 palette browns, and blues
Ardell False lashes
Sephora brown liner
L'oreal HIP cream liner in black

I wasn't feeling well today, had a huge migraine for the past 3 days. So, I came home from work early and slept most of the day. I'm feeling better though! Maybe, I'll do another review tomorrow. Whaddya you guys think?

<3 laurie

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Looks!

Yessss, new camera! So excited..I got a canon eos rebel can read up on this camera at

So the looks I'm posting here today are great- very wearable. Here's a nighttime look where I used Bare Escentuals shadows disco, and nightowl.



The next look is a smokey purple look inspired by Kandee johnson's mac look

I used my 120 palette.



Hope everyones enjoying the summer- its' almost overrr! ahh so scary.
I've been spending a lot of money lately, and- it needs to stop, seriously. So, I'm not gonna be buying a lot of makeup for awhile- i'll use up what I have. I need to save for 2 months in order to buy out my car at the end of October. I hope I can do it! .

Hope everyone had a great weekend- lots of hugsss <3Laurie