Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot fun in the Summer timeeee....

Uh, it has been an absolutely insane summer for me. I'm transferring to another b&n, closer to my home, so I'm just working like a dog. Tomorrow is going to be the first time I really get to relax, ON THE BEAAACCHHH. I can't wait. I have to go to the beach every summer, its a necessity for me.
So, after I'm all tanned and relaxed i will come home and work on a couple of looks for my friend who is going to be a bridesmaid for her cousins wedding. I'm not actually available to do her makeup for the wedding so I'm just gonna give her some ideas.

No, but seriously, she's amazing- great makeup artist. I love all her videos and she's sooo knowledgeable. Just finished watching a couple of her looks, so I'm gonna recreate one for my next blog. Maybe a cool smokey purple look? or great smokey gray/blue smoked look? Maybe I'll just do them all.

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.
<3 Laurie

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