Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok.... so I totally didn't know that the pic at the top of my page was gonna be that huge...haha I have to find some time to really try and find a better layout.

Anywayyysss, tomorrow I'm meeting with my step sister for a consultation for her sweet sixteen. I'm anticipating doing 3 or 4 girls that day, as well as my makeup. If I can get my camera to work I will definately post pics of the looks I tried out on her.

I'm awaiting a response for a macpro card. I need some studio fix products, and the discount is always helpful. I hear about how long it takes...up to like 8 weeks...holy crow. And I'm keeping on the lookout for the next beauty show in the city...hopefully its soon!

Kandee Johnson just finished a Gwen Stefan look- I'm gonna go watch it...Kandee is awesome!

Hope everyone is having a great night

stay beautiful, you


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